Sunday, 8 May 2016

ReaderView for iOS

Here I am again with a review of a useful app for iOS: ReaderView. This app allows you to view whatever web page in reader mode, that means, removing all the clutter and leaving only the important stuff.

You might be now saying that Safari app does that already, but there is some extras here that are quite interesting:

- you can mark text and add notes that can be saved, exported or sent later via email

- you can save the pages that you view in Reader app to read them later offline

- you can personalize text size, font, line height, dark theme, etc.


- assign labels to articles

- and last but not least (this is my favourite), you can use the app not only from Safari but from any other app that supports extensions for web pages.

This last feature is very useful if you use Twitter or any RSS reader that does not have built it readability mode. The extension can be easily dismissed by swiping right or by using the close button. It works great both in iPhone and iPad and in case that a page is now showing as it should you can always send feedback to the developer so it can be fixed for the next release. I have noticed that the developer is really responsible.

What I like:
- supports any app with extensions
- configurable
- highlights and comments

Do not like
- it takes a bit longer that safari to load the pages

By the way, I contacted the developer and I got some App Store codes for the app, so if you are one of the firsts to contact me through Twitter and tweet this review, you might get it for free. Otherwise you can go to this link to the App Store and get it for just 0.99 USD/EUR. It is worh the price!

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