Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Calendar 366 Plus for Mac reviewed

Long time without writing any review but here I am again with a calendar app for Mac. If you have checked my blog you know how big fan of them I am (you can surf through my history to find Mac and iOS calendar app reviews). This time is a great menu bar calendar app with a great interface, Calendar 366 Plus.

So let's start.

Calendar 366 Plus sits in your menu bar and offers a month calendar and list view. You can chose to have an icon with the date, or icon and date, or even customise the string of what you want to show on the menu bar. Also, in the download version at least (not sure about the Mac AppStore one), you can also select where the app icon and text will stay to some extent (left from the notification centre icon, the spotlight icon, etc.). The app also has a dark theme to match your dark menu bar (if you use it) or a grey one if the white is not your colour.

 On the main window, you can have the month only, or month and list of appointments. The number of days shown on the list is customisable. You can have reminders shown in the calendar list on their due date or you can display only reminder lists by a click of a button. You can search through your events within the app.

But this app is not only about customisation, it also has great features. You can create, delete and edit calendar events and reminders within the app. Also natural language can be used to create events if you wish, all in a great user interface.

The app supports all latest OSX features like swipes to scroll through months, swipe on the events/reminders to delete or on the events to open them in the Calendar app. The main window can also be detached and have it floating in case that you need to move it.

There are plenty of options on the app to customise it the way you want. The app is full of nice and well done details.

Overall here it is my like/dislike list:

  • User interface and customisation
  • Integration with OSX
  • Price

  • Nothing at the moment :-)

This is a great app and at the moment it is on sales 50% discount (4.99 EUR/USD)! You can buy it from this AppStore link or from the developers web site. It is worth every cent. And on top of that I have two AppStore codes, so if you follow me on twitter and tweet about this article mentioning me (@gadgetero), I will provide with a code to download it for free! I only have two so hurry up and share :-)

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