Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Flume Instagram app for Mac review

After my last post, I have continued the search for the perfect Instagram Mac app. This time I have come accross Flume app, and it has just become my favourite! Let's check why.

A user interface that concentrates on the pictures, not the buttons. Scrolling through your Instagram feed is a pleasure. No distractions at all. This photo stream shows pictures always in their original aspect ratio. You can also see picture thumbnails by selecting the option from the top toolbar.

You can actually make the whole user interface gone by selecting option to hide the upper and lower toolbar. Then it is only pictures on the window. You can use swipe gesture to see more details from the picture and to go back to the feed.

And if you decide to show all the user interface, it is so well design that really fits well into the app and into OS X.

If you have more than one account, the app also supports multiple accounts.

A great addition to "like" pictures is also the possibility to add comments from the app. You can also share the picture easily from the app. You can also check your notification feed, although when I was testing the app it was not working as Instagram had dome some changes on their URL. But I was told a fix is on its way. This is an example of how it looks like (not my own screenshot)

My favourite feature in the app is the ability to save users or hashtags to quickly access them. Let's say you like igershelsinki city, you can favourite the #igershelsinki hashtag so you can quickly access it from the saved tab.

Also to mention that profiles look really good.

What I liked:
  • user interface
  • being able to post comments
  • save users and hashtags
  • swipe gestures

What I dislike:
  • scrolling could be smoother
  • some features might get broken if Instagram does internal changes. However, team seems to be reactive and provide fixes quicly
I have one promo code for the app, so the first one that follows me on twitter @gadgetero tweets about this review, will get the promo code through twitter private message. I only have one code, so be quick and share away :-) UPDATE: code already gone

Otherwise, you can always buy the app for just 2.99 USD at the Mac App store from this link.


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