Saturday, 26 September 2015

Photoflow for Mac review

Are you an Instagram fan? Or you like to browse around Instagram, searching for tags and other stuff? Here it is the best looking Instagram app for your Mac, Photoflow app. One of the most beautiful Instagram apps I have found in the Mac Appstore.

The first thing that draw my attention when I opened the app is how nice and integrated to OS X Yosemite is. The user interface is very well done and graphics are really clean and soft. nterface is matching perfectly with Yosemite style.
You can resize the window making the photos bigger, but I like to keep it small and tidy in one side of my screen.

One very useful things on this app is to browse using gestures. You can slide left to open details from a photo and right to close. You can click on a photo to see it full size.

You can read comments from the detail view, but unfortunately it is not possible to post new comments. I understood that this feature might come in the future.
The app supports more than one account, so if you have two or more accounts you can add them there and switch easily between them by clicking on your account icon.

You can easily browse and discover users just by pressing on their user names, follow them or stop following from the app.

Search function is also working very well. You can search by hashtag or by user. You can save hashtags to check them later but however, there is no way to save users. I think this is something should be added in future I hope. I like to check regularly my friends photos and it would be very convenient. Also you can search by nearby photos

News section does not show all the updates, compared with real Instagram app, but I hope this can be improved in future releases.

I also noticed some problems with notifications. Even I have disabled all notifications, I still get icon badge every time a new photo arrives.

But in general I really like the app and I hope these issues I have mentioned here are fixed in the next version.

My verdict
I like

  • User interface is very good
  • Gestures to navigate back and forth
  • Support for multiple accounts

I do not like

  • Small bugs
  • Not being able to post comments
If you are a fan of Instagram and you like beautiful apps, don't let this one pass. You can find it in the MacApp store from the link here still for sale at 0.99 EUR/USD!

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