Tuesday, 25 August 2015

BlogTouch for Mac review

I have been looking for an app to edit Blogger articles offline for a while. After not having many options, I decided to give a try to BlogTouch for OS X.

The app itself starts with a screen where you can see all your published blogs. You can create a new one, see your drafts (these are in sync with the drafts at your Blogger account) and offline articles that you have previously downloaded for offline use.

From this window you can check also if there is any comments left and answer them. The app syncs when you open it but you can always touch the cloud icon to make sure all is in sync with Blogger online service.

Starngly, if you double click on one artcile entry, the article will not open on a separate window (as you might expect), but you need to use the buttons on the upper rigth corner to either edit or sync it for offline use.

The edit window is not really my favorite. You find a menu bar on the window! (yes, on the window, not on the menu bar as all OS X apps do). I really do not like this. It makes the app feel like it is not an OS X app. I am not sure how the app has been developed, but sure not using Apple guidelines.

In the edit window you find the basic options for edit and formatting your article. You can also insert images, videos, etc. and add labels

The edit window has also a word count, that can be useful to understand the lenth of the article in words.

One annoying thing: every time you save the draft, the window will close and you need to open it again. It would have been much better just to have a save button to save while you are writing.

My experience in general with this app has been OK. I find the interface a bit cubersome and not so intuitive.

I have also noticed problems if you leave the edit window in the back and you for intance open another article, you will lose all the changes without any prompt (like it has happened to me once).

Here it is my final verdict:

I like
  • good for offline editting
  • syncs drafts with online service
  • price
Do not like
  • user interface
  • not very intuitive (at least for a OS X user)

If you need offline editting in blogger and you want an inexpensive option, then this app might be right for you. You can find it at the mac app store link here. It is just 4.99 EUR, so quite good price for the convinience of offline editing.

By the way, this company do have also iPad and iPhone apps with almost the same capabilities, so look for them on the AppStore

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