Sunday, 15 March 2015

Reps & Sets app review for iPhone

I have been wanting to do this review for a long time. This is the first app I use every morning on weekdays and I really like it. Reps & Sets app helps me to keep track of my daily workout and since I started to use it about two years ago I have never had the need to bring paper and pen to the gym anymore. Please check out my review here.

I had tried in the past many different apps to keep track of my workouts and the day I found Reps & Sets, I did not have to look for one any longer. Reps & Sets is by far the most useful and best looking workout app I have found in the AppStore.

The app starts up every morning showing me how many workouts I have recorded, how many reps and how many sets I have in my back. Also, a small summary of workouts per week, average rep range, as well as the most worked and least worked muscle groups and workout goal. In the startup screen you can also keep track of your measures and record them every day or week if you are interested in. In my case, I am working out more for my own enjoyment and I do not keep track of measures, but if you have some goal, it can be very useful.

From this main screen you can start your workout by pressing on Start Workout and then selected your workout for that day from the list of available workouts.

Those workouts can be accessed from the lower button bar in the Programs section. Here you can edit, create and download programs from Reps & Sets web page.

For each program, you can also starred it as favorite, edit it or share it using iOS share sheet (twitter, messages, etc.). For instance, you can share them with friends, workout colleagues, etc.

Reps & Sets has an extensive list of exercises that can be accessed from the Exercises section. You can check, edit and even create your own exercises in case they are missing. When you create your own exercises you can add all kind of details, including muscles worked out.

The history tab allows you to check all your activity and workout history with all kind of details, including graphs of your progress, measures, etc. It is very complete if you want to have a detailed follow up of your activities.

Whenever you start your workout, you are presented with the list of exercises. For each you, have the list of sets and reps and the rest interval. Every time you check an exercise like done, the rest timer starts automatically and it notifies you whenever rest is over. It uses iOS notifications, so you can be in any other app and you will get a notification popup.

For each of the sets you can modify the number of reps, weight, grip and incline (if applicable to the exercises). The app remembers also the last configuration from previous time you did the exercise, so it can fill it in automatically from the previous session.

The user interface is really nice and it shows different ways to select the weight graphically depending on the exercise. A really nice touch.

For most of the exercise, there is an illustration showing you how to perform the exercise in case you are not familiar with it.

Last thing to mention is that you can export your data to a CSV file that you can for instance, email to yourself as a backup or upload it to Numbers app on iCloud. This might be the weakest point of the app as for now there is no way to re-import this into the app. I contacted developers and they mentioned it that it is in their todo list but right now they are more concentrated into creation of the Apple Watch extension for the app and that restore capabilities will come later.

And one more thing: the developers have set up a Kickstarter crowdfunding site where you can back them for the creating of the Apple Watch version. If you are interested, please go and check here.

Overall, here it is my summary:

What I like

  • great user interface with very nice details
  • illustrations for exercises
  • being able to load and share programs

What I dislike

  • no restore functionality yet
  • not being able to personalize alert sound

If you are think this is the app you were looking for, go and buy it at the app store from this link. It is just 1.99 EUR/USD. Worth every single cent. 

Enjoy and keep exercising!

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