Sunday, 23 March 2014

SuperCal 2 for iPhone review

As you know, calendar apps are my favourites. I have to confess that I am obsessed with organisation and having everything under control, so that is why I think I am such a big fan of these apps. Today I am here to review SuperCal 2, a calendar app by Devart, that I have been using the last week.

SuperCal 2 is the updated iOS7 version of SuperCal app. I do not have previous experience with SuperCal, so I will not do any comparison with the previous app.

The app is a simple calendar application, with 3 main views, day, week and month. For each of these views we have two versions, time grid or list view. Either you are in day or week view you can switch between them both by double tapping on the screen. The day view shows on the top a very useful week overview with bars for all-day and multi-day events as well as dots for timed events.

Time grid views:

List views:

All views support as well landscape mode:

You can select the view also by pressing the upper left button. In this selection menu you can also access to the search (left side), calendar selection (right upper button) and settings (right lower button).

My favourite views are the day and day/week time grid views. However, the week view does not show all hours of the day in a single shot and I need to scroll down or up to access all hours. I would have liked to see at least 12 hours at a time (ideally for me 16 hours), or have it user configurable. I find this a must to be able to get a quick overview of your whole week in a single check.

In any of the views you can hold press on screen to create an event. In the time grids you can easily reschedule events by holding and dragging the appointment to the required time.

For the month view, I like more the version with the dots. If you do not have much events per day I guess the month view with the list of events it should be enough. One thing I would find also very useful in month view is to have same similar bar system as in day view, where all day events are a full line, multi-day events show as a continuous line, and timed events are just dots. It would give me a much better overview of my month (multi-day trips, holidays, etc.), like in Calvetica calendar month view shown below.

Event detail view is  simple and easy to use. However, I do not like/understand the upper fray space that I was told by developers that it is there by design. Phone screen space is too precious in my opinion to leave a grey bar with no use. I hope this is removed at some point.

From settings point of view you can find the normal calendar settings (time zone support, new event settings, appearance). Interesting feature is to change the whole app base colour, from red (default) to any of the predefined colours.

You can change the font size, however this will affect all views. I would have liked to see font size change per view. I would need smaller font in week view, but bigger on day view for instance.

In general, I really like the app. It is fast, responsive and simple enough, however I feel it would need some more extra options. 

What I liked:
  • Fast and fluid UI
  • Week overview on top of the day view
  • Week time grid view
  • Easy event creation

What I dislike:
  • Week view not showing all day hours
  • Font size not customisable per view
  • Month view could be improved

If you like the app, or you can give it a try, it is just 1.79EUR (1.99USD). You can go directly to the AppStore from here.


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