Saturday, 18 January 2014

Chat Heads for Mac review

Here I am after long time with a new review, this time Chat Heads for Mac.

Are you a Facebook addict? Do you spend lots of time chatting with your friends in Facebook? Do you like the heads interface in iOS and Android? Then, if you own a Mac, this app is for you.

The user interface of the app is really simple. It sits on the side of your screen, and the only visible part is a circle with a + sign (when you are logged in) or an x when you are logged out. Then a list of "heads" of your active conversations in Facebook.

The app works easily and intuitively. It notifies you of new messages with a sound and an indicator in the head. Some nice tips:
  • click twice and the heads will all colapse together
  • right click on the heads to see the option menu
  • drag and drop a head on the bottom of your desktop to close the head

Best of all the app is freemium. You can install and use it for free and if you want to have all the extras (themes, contact list, smilies, message preview, etc.) then you can pay one by one or buy them all in a pack. To be honest, I bought them all after some minutes playing with the app. I really liked it and wanted to support the developer for the great job.

And one last thing, I have seen that there is a 1.1 version on the making and brings some nice new features like message previews.

What I like:
  • Easy to use
  • Great user interface

What I don't like
  • No notification center alerts
  • No group chat (is it Facebook API limitation?)

If you want more info or give it a try, check at the AppStore here.



  1. Imho it only starts getting interesting as soon as the app supports other protocols as well and integrates them seamlessly.

    1. Actually it would be great if it could support xmpp or jabber, you are right. However, I use mainly Facebook chat so I do not miss other protocols