Tuesday, 26 November 2013

iPad Air is in the house

After thinking about it I decided to sell my black iPad 3rd Gen 32GB WiFi and get a brand new white iPad Air 64GB WiFi & Cellular.

The reasons to do this:
- lighter weight and less volume
- more storage
- cellular connection for my daily commute to work

Device feels faster than my previous 3rd gen iPad, but anyway, my old iPad didn't feel slow either. iOS7 feels very snappy.

Now I am trying to decide which cover or case I will take. I do not want to add more weight, but still I want to feel it is protected. Any suggestion?


  1. I was always a fan of the Apple Smart Cases - I always had a red one with my white iPads. I never thought it added too much bulk or additional weight to the device itself.

    If you don't want the additional size/weight, even if it isn't huge, most of the bigger skin/screen protector brands do iPad versions now. I would normally recommend BodyGuardz, but I'm having some issues with one of their new products on my iPhone 5s at the moment. Zagg are a fairly good alternative.

    1. I went for the official Apple leather case in brown. Expensive but very good looking. It fits perfectly the ipad and does not add too much bulk. I wish I could say the same for the iPhone official Apple case. It got so dirty after one month of use. But I learnt to leave with it as I cannot remove the dirt anyhow

  2. Nice one! I was going to get one of the Apple iPhone cases when the 5s came out, but I read so many bad reviews I avoided it. Glad I did!

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  4. It's amazing.We were huge devotees of the Mini a year ago, and we're enormous fanatics of how the Air looks and feels now. The more adjusted profile and chamfered edges provide for it a current vicinity, while the new shape implies the catches and flip switch arranged around the upper-right corner are much less demanding to discover than in the recent past.Best of luck.