Monday, 6 May 2013

Words app for Mac review

Welcome to another review, this time, Words app for Mac by NewNet Soft.

I am a daily user of "read later" services. Right now I am more into Readability, but I have used Instapaper for a long time and eventually Pocket. I like to save articles to read later when I have time. I also use this service as a way to keep my favourite articles, even I have already read them. It is nice to have them with you at all times, even when you are "offline".

These last weeks I have had the chance to try Words app and here it is my review.
Words is a simple software to sync and read your saved articles with the different "Read later" services. It supports Readability, Pocket and Instapaper (note that Instapaper is only supported if you have a paid subscription. For free accounts, there is no access to API by third party software, so you can only use their official iPhone app, but no other apps). You can actually have different services working together, but you cannot have more than one account per service at a time. I have tried the app with Instapaper (I had a paid subscription for a while), Readability and Pocket. But right now I am using only Readability.

The app itself lets you access your articles in the service (in my case Readability), as well as tag the them, archive them or move them to folders (Instapaper works with folders instead of tags). You can also mark articles as favourite.

The app has three different views, one with the tag/folder list, a view to read the article without any distraction on the sides, and another with the article properties where you can edit tags, for instance.

From the font point of view, you can set up between some predefined fonts (Traditional, Modern, Minimal, etc.). However, you are not able to choose any font from the system, but you are limited only to the preset fonts.

The article can be the article as one column (scrolling vertically) or several columns (scrolling horizontally). I personally prefer the vertical scroll.

Another useful option is the search bar to look for keywords in all the downloaded articles.

And it also includes a sync status side window if you press in the upper right button. It shows you what is being sync at the moment. I find sometimes syncing a little bit slow.

There are not many options to choose from, font size, base colour and sync animation. Font size is just normal or big. It is not possible to choose your own size.

And as a summary, here it is my opinion

What I like

  • Simple
  • Article only view with no distractions

What I dislike

  • Limited fonts and sizes
  • One account per service only
  • Syncing issues with Instapaper service

If you think the app suits your needs, click here to access the Mac AppStore. It costs 4.49 EUR, 4.99 USD.


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