Monday, 20 May 2013

CalendarMenu Mac app review

Here I am with a new review, this time of Mac software. This is a small menu bar utility called CalendarMenu by Alexander Lindenstruth.

CalendarMenu sits in your Mac menu bar. The icon on the menu bar can show the current day number and also a mark for appointments.

You can press on it to see this month and a quick overview of the events. You click on a day or a week number and a small info window will pop showing all the appointments for that period. In the month view a red dot indicates birthdays, an empty dot for all day appointments and a dark dot for scheduled appointments. The app can also show reminders (tasks) on the popup window if you wish.

 You can quickly jump to specific month or year pressing on the month or year at the top of the month view.
 The app includes plenty of options that can be accessed through the setting button:

 You can also select which calendars to be shown:

And if you are not a fan of the black windows you can always change it to grey:

I find the app quite useful but somehow it feels slow. I am sometimes not sure if I have click or not on a date because it takes a little bit too long to react. The app does not allow you to edit appointments. It only shows the events.

There are some nice features like for instance, whenever you press in a birthday you will be shown your contact picture and age. From the app you can open the contact to see more details. Also from the app you can launch Calendar app to edit if necessary an appointment. 

What I like it:
  • Useful
  • Clean UI

What I don't like:
  • Slow
  • Needs some refinement in my opinion

If you need this kind of Calendar utility to be in your menubar at all times and you do not want to spend too much money, maybe this is the app for you. They have a demo version fully functional for 14 days on their site at or if you are already convinced, you can buy it directly from this here at the Mac AppStore. It is only 3.59 EUR, 3.99 USD.


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