Thursday, 7 March 2013

Week Calendar HD for iPad review

Some time ago I reviewed Week Cal for iPhone, a great calendar app. Today I am having a look to the just revamped Week Calendar HD for iPad, the big brother of iPhone version from the guys of Utilitap

Like the small brother, iPad version has anything that you could expect from the best iPhone/iPad alternative to the built in Calendar app: day, week, mont and year view.

This new revamped iPad version has introduced a side bar to switch between views. The app can be hidden by pressing a button and also by a short swipe, even though I have tried this feature and I always ended up moving to the next week/month. Maybe that should be improved.

The app allows you to use customized colours and icons for the appointments, and even sync them across devices through iCloud. This guys have been really checking all possible details to make this app brilliant. You can even create your own rules to assign automatically icons to events. Let's say you want all appointments that contain the word "meeting" or "lunch" to have a specific icon, you can do it from the settings menu. You can also use those rules to colour the events.

Another great feature is the so called Action Menu. Whenever you select an appointment, you can press the action menu and select one of the many configurable options, like cut, move, set colour, etc. You can share events through email, Messages, or even send them to third party apps like Things or Appigo Tasks. The integration is really well done.

If you need to search some specific appointment in your calendars, the integrated Search feature works also really well. You can just tap on the appointment and it will take you to it in the view you are in. It even has a Search history in case that you have to repeat searches.

The year view it is also quite nice, with small dots per appointment in each day. Very useful to quickly check for public holiday calendar or make holiday plans. If you select a day, a pop up will appear showing you all the appointments for that day without having to change the view to see the details. From it you can edit and add new appointments. I think it is much more useful than the built in Calendar app year view

In my opinion the year view could be more useful having for instance background colour for holiday days (using a preselected holiday calendar), or showing a continuous line for daily events that extend through several days (useful to identify holidays and other long duration events). But I hope those improvements are coming in near future.

Another nice improvement over the built in Calendar on the whole app is the possibility to show week numbers. This is very used on business matters, at least in here in northern Europe. I really find it convenient.

The app also offers a Calendar Store where you can buy specific calendars using in app purchase feature. There are sport, weather, finance, etc. calendars that will be added to your list of calendars.

I think this app is a must have for any iPad owner who uses it to schedule appointments. It is a very nice improvement from the built in app and very well integrated into iOS and also with other apps.

What I like

  • very integrated with iOS
  • interface is great
  • Configurable Action menu

What I dislike

  • maybe I would like to see more features in the year view
If you are already convinced, you can go to the AppStore and buy it from this link here. It is just 2.69 EUR (2.99 USD). You will not regret it.


  1. I would like to view the week only monday to friday is it possible?

  2. @Nicolas D

    It is possible in the week view

  3. @Guillermo Ferrero Ferri

    Sorry, not in the iPad version but only on iPhone version