Monday, 8 October 2012

Two weeks with Nokia Lumia 900

Hi all,

Here it is a summary of my two weeks with Nokia Lumia 900 and my observations:


  • Not all big services have native apps for Windows Phone. Only Facebook and Twitter (and I heard they were developed by Microsoft itself). For ohter services like Instapaper, Pinterest or Instagram there are only paid options or no option at all.
  • Good personal management features: calendar alarm snooze, tasks (although not recurring tasks allowed), contact synergy is great. SkyDrive and Office are very well integrated. Email is very good
  • Notifications for Twitter and Facebook are great, although you cannot "like" a comment in Facebook from the built in notification system
  • Live tile concept is very good
  • Background app handling is not so good. Maps for instance needs to be reopen again if you send it to the background. Specially using it as a car GPS can be very unconvenient.
  • Keyboard is the best I've tried in a mobile device although positioning the cursor is sometimes tricky
  • No built in dictionary like iOS
  • Lock screen is very useful as it always contains info about your next appointment (user configurable) and notifications for missed calls, text messages and emails.
  • No over the air podcast support in music app


  • Camera is not so good. Picture colours were always kind of yellowish and different from what I saw in the view fidner
  • Good size screen with good contrast and crispy colours
  • Feels nice to hold in your hand
  • No led alerts for instance when a new mail, miss call, sms, etc. For instance, the Windows icon could blink when a notification arrives

My summary

  • Great for personal information management
  • Lacking of some important apps
  • Fast and fresh

I really recommend you to try one before buying any new phone. I hope Windows Phone and specially Nokia succeeds with the new upcoming Nokia Lumia 820 and 920. I would really like to see them back as a big player in the market!


  1. Well, after reading this I have some doubts about a greatness of Lumia Phones.

    I mean whenu I am looking at iPhone 5 on a picture I fill that it might be cool to have one. When I touch it and use it – I definitely understood that's it – almost perfect phone.

    With Lumia I guess situation is rather different – on a picture it looks polished and gorgeous, but in reality it's just an average smarphone with luck of popular apps.

    Still, I am eager to try Nokia Lumia, maybe I will like it.

  2. Actually Lumia feels great in your hands, at least the 900. I've seen the plastic mockups of the 820 and 920 and they really look good, specially 820 looks specially nice to me. But not knowing yet much details about Windows Phone 8 creates an uncertainty that I hate.

  3. Got my 920 on Friday then headed off on a small weekend vacation where I got to play with my new phone quite a bit. Overall I love it- HOWEVER- I’m majorly disappointed with the camera. I don’t know if I just got a buggy phone or what, but the images are horrible compared to my iphone (which I gave up for this phone). I do professional photography and because of that I’m probably pickier than most, but my biggest gripes come from the comparison of what I’m getting from this phone vs the iphone. The compression seems extreme and the white balance is a mess on most my photos.
    I discussed my problem with some other sites also but still didn’t get any suggestion. Anyone else disappointed with the images they are getting from the 920? Or any suggestions for me that what should I do???

    1. I noticed the white balance issue when I tried the 920 at Nokia shop. I finally went for an iPhone 5

  4. I have tried also checking Nokia window phone's specs to see what can it stand for against Apple and Samsung, and as I see, they are on the 'war' already, as how they describe it. The partnership of the two can be a good choice, however with some of the lumia phone's issue with the camera, perhaps they would still stick to rooms for improvement.