Sunday, 28 October 2012

eXPlayer HD for iPad review

Here I am after a long time with a new review. I have been quite busy and had no time to write anything but here I am this time with eXPlayer HD for iPad. This is a special video player with very interesting options for your iPad. Let's dive in.

eXPlayer HD is a video player for iPad that besides being able to play videos stored on the app, it can also stream them from different types of servers, including WebDav, Windows Network Servers, FTP servers and UPnP/DLNA Media servers. If you have your movies stored in one of these kind of servers at home, this player can be really useful. Besides that, it can also download movies directly to the app or stream them from the web.

The app is quite simple. It has four taps, Home, Download, Web and WiFi Sharing. From Home app you can access and configure servers. In my case I use myDisk free webdav server. You also browse local documents that you might have downloaded or transferred from your computer. Server access is really easy and it works as if you would browsing your built in file system. Select the video and play it directly from the server. The app will start buffering and start playing when ready. App can use its own player with codecs or the built-in quicktime player. Depending on the codecs one or the other might give better results. The app also supports subtitles for movies.

From the Download tap you can control what you are downloading to the local storage, while from the web you can access to a web page where you might have movies stored and you can directly start streaming, or you can browse the web while watching a movie :)

The WiFi Sharing tap allows you to create a server on the iPad that can be accessed from your Mac or Windows PC so you can transfer directly movies from your laptop to the iPad using your home WiFi. For instance if you are going to need offline access to movies while travelling.

The app has very simple options that can be accessed from the top right button.

All and all I find the app useful if you use movie server at home specially, so you can stream your movies to your iPad any time. You can also stream the movies through AirPlay to your Apple TV.

What I like:

  • a lot of server options and ways to download/stream movies
  • support for subtitles

What I didn't like

  • App crashed sometimes when I tried to open some file that seemed to be not supported
  • App asking you to use quicktime player instead of built in player

If you want a video player to stream movies, then this is for you. It is just 2.69 EUR or 2.99 USD! You can access the iTunes link from here.


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