Sunday, 28 October 2012

eXPlayer HD for iPad review

Here I am after a long time with a new review. I have been quite busy and had no time to write anything but here I am this time with eXPlayer HD for iPad. This is a special video player with very interesting options for your iPad. Let's dive in.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Two weeks with Nokia Lumia 900

Hi all,

Here it is a summary of my two weeks with Nokia Lumia 900 and my observations:


  • Not all big services have native apps for Windows Phone. Only Facebook and Twitter (and I heard they were developed by Microsoft itself). For ohter services like Instapaper, Pinterest or Instagram there are only paid options or no option at all.
  • Good personal management features: calendar alarm snooze, tasks (although not recurring tasks allowed), contact synergy is great. SkyDrive and Office are very well integrated. Email is very good
  • Notifications for Twitter and Facebook are great, although you cannot "like" a comment in Facebook from the built in notification system
  • Live tile concept is very good
  • Background app handling is not so good. Maps for instance needs to be reopen again if you send it to the background. Specially using it as a car GPS can be very unconvenient.
  • Keyboard is the best I've tried in a mobile device although positioning the cursor is sometimes tricky
  • No built in dictionary like iOS
  • Lock screen is very useful as it always contains info about your next appointment (user configurable) and notifications for missed calls, text messages and emails.
  • No over the air podcast support in music app


  • Camera is not so good. Picture colours were always kind of yellowish and different from what I saw in the view fidner
  • Good size screen with good contrast and crispy colours
  • Feels nice to hold in your hand
  • No led alerts for instance when a new mail, miss call, sms, etc. For instance, the Windows icon could blink when a notification arrives

My summary

  • Great for personal information management
  • Lacking of some important apps
  • Fast and fresh

I really recommend you to try one before buying any new phone. I hope Windows Phone and specially Nokia succeeds with the new upcoming Nokia Lumia 820 and 920. I would really like to see them back as a big player in the market!