Sunday, 9 September 2012

Staccal calendar app for iPhone review

It has been a long time but here I am again with another calendar app review. This time I have been trying for the last week Staccal calendar app for iPhone by

This is a really nice app, one of the best ones I have tried so far. Let's dive in and see why.

What do you look for in a calendar app? For me customisation is a key thing, and Staccal has that. The app offers a set of calendar views that can be chosen and configured to fit your needs. You have different kinds of week views, scrollable month views, list views, etc. And all of them support both vertical and horizontal orientation. You can configure font size, number of hours, tab actions, etc. And transitions between weeks have a nice animation that makes the user interface more fluid (although a little bit slow).




You can press on an event to see the pop up window with some details. Press on the arrow to see the details. Event detail view is very informative and easy to read. And you can swipe it to the left to close it. In the detail view you can check map location (google maps), delete it, add to template, drag to move, or edit it.


Scheduling a meeting is easy: just press the + on the right top corner or double tab (user configurable) on the time. The new event dialog box will pop up. You can give basic details and press on the Edit detail text to edit the details or the arrow next to the Title to use templates or access event history to be reused.


You can move events by keeping pressing on it. Then you can "resize" it or move it to another time/day easily.

From the settings button on the lower right corner you can access all the calendar and view settings.

In the calendar settings side you can chose to show the calendar, change colour, or even show it translucently:


 From the settings you can find all you would expect. See below:



The Calendar Views menu is quite interesting. It allows you to decide what views and in which order you want them to show in the lower toolbar. You can choose among different week, month, day and list views (a total of 11 options). There is a maximum of six views you can have on your toolbar at once. Each view has its own settings that you can access from here. You can even customise what it will be shown in the toolbar (a letter, an emoji, etc.)






Regarding the holidays, the options are a little bit limited. For instance I cannot find Finnish calendars (well, it is a small country but still it would be nice to have). If you chose one of them, you will see a small flag on the day whenever there is some public holidays.

You can edit the default event settings, create your own templates and access the event creation history.


I have to say that I really like this app and it can easily become my first calendar app option if some small issues would be corrected like for instance, slow transition between views and a little bit more speed in general.

Here it is a summary of what I like/dislike:

I like:
  • Different view options
  • Easy to add and edit events
  • Easy to scroll between weeks or months
  • Up to 6 configurable views on the toolbar

I dislike:
  • Slow transition between views
  • I do not like the "Aqua" look of the event boxes
  • I would like to have a 7-day split week view like in Oultook

For 2.99 EUR I think it is worth the price. If you want to give it a try and you do not mind to spend few euros (dollars), press here to access the iTunes store and buy it.


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