Monday, 17 September 2012

Nokia Lumia 900 first impressions

Hi again. After 4 days with the Nokia Lumia 900 here are my first impressions:

The setup was quite easy but there were some parts like having to introduce manually the date and time that were annoying. Can't the phone get this info from the network or the GPS?

In general I am very satisfied with the phone. The first couple of days I had some issue with the battery but I was downloading a lot of stuff and after those days the batter got better, and I get easily through the day with one charge.

The predictive keyboard is really good. You do not even need to complete the word as you can select the word from the list of options that you are offered. Also the feedback when typing is very good.

The market place is very nice. It is easy to browse, see reviews, screenshots and download. The app remembers your password and you do not need to type anything to download free apps. I haven't tried however to download paid apps.

In order to sync my data that was in iCloud I had to move the things to other services like Windows Live and Google. It is fairly easy to export on the mac and import on Google Calendar and Contacts, so  it was really easy. In a matter of some minutes all my contacts and calendars were in the device synced. I like how all the contacts are integrated in the People's hub.

Live tiles are amazing. You have all the info you need a swipe away. I have some tiles like my own contact card to access notifications from Twitter and Facebook, calendar, messages, mail, etc. I love specially the notifications in my profile. I can post a message in Twitter or Facebook, checkin, change my chat status, access notifications and even answer tweets without needing to have even any twitter app. Really productive.

Also, when I access apps or contacts, just by pressing in a letter I get an alphabet on the screen so I can select the initial letter easily. I can search contacts much faster than on my iPhone.

In order to get the battery last longer I have disabled some background processes. In the Settings app you have the option to disable apps that work in the background updating data like weather information for instance. I have disabled most of those background processes and have left only the ones I need. The good thing is that you can configure what you want and disable what you do not need.

What I don't like: I haven't found some apps like Pinterest or Instagram. There are some alternatives to some of these services, but they are paid apps as they are not released by the service itself but by an independent developer.

Another annoying thing is that if you configure email to be sync every hour, for example, even if you read a message, it will not sync the read status until the next sync interval, instead of updating the status immediately.

Also, I do not find the camera that good. When I take a pic I see colours in the viewfinder different than when I press the shutter. Colours look more kind of yellowish.

Some of the apps I have installed are all Nokia free apps like Maps, Drive, Music, City Lens, Trailers, Transport, etc. They are all really well done and free. I have tried some third party apps like Spotify, Evernote, Twitter and Facebook. I find Facebook app to be a little bit slow.

I will continue reporting later this week. Feel free to send me your questions and things that you would like me to try, so I can do it for you. You can contact me at twitter @gadgetero.

More to come!!!


  1. Nice going, thanks, bro. Everyone knows about the hype how good things are, so it's nice to get some notes on the stuff that is not so good. Keep it coming, I'm really interested in this. Lumia 900 is not with Windows 8, though?

    Seems like there's valid competitor as well

    1. No, Lumia 900 is WP7. Regarding the HTC competitor, I still believe that Nokia phone quality and features are better than in the HTC. HTC phone looks a piece of plastic :)