Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 thoughts

As you all know, I am a big fan of Apple products. However, with the coming launch of Windows 8 together with Windows Phone 8 I am starting to reconsider my gadget life.

It all started specially with the launch of Outlook.com when I had more contact with the so called "Metro" user interface that Microsoft is introducing now also to all their online services. I was surprise how responsive, simple but at the same time productive user experience they have achieved. I did also install Windows 8 preview in my MacBook Air using Virtual Box and got a very good impression as well.

From Apple side, iOS is starting to lack behind in some aspects like social network integration for instance, even though in iOS6 some new features will be introduced. Somehow I have the feeling that Apple is not innovating anymore, it is just iterating the operating system without any big changes.

Windows new user interface is so refreshing and I might consider to move to Windows "world" if Apple does not release anything interesting during this autumn.

This is only my opinion and I am welcome to hear all your comments. Please feel free to add comments to the post as well as contact me on twitter.

Until then keep enjoying your gadgets ;-)


  1. I'm actually thinking that the big changes will come in iOS7 or 8 and OS X 10.9 or 10.10. It would seem that these two lines (macs and pads/phones) will merge into one OS and one product line. Maybe two years is too quick, but it is a very tempting direction. Methinks that Apple is doing a lot of background work to enable this merge and this causes a bit of a stagnation in new features/visuals for OS X and iOS.

    Microsoft is a big beast and has finally done something new. It remains to be seen have they really done the work and gone and fixed their products with a clear logic and consumer in mind. Or is this another round of smoke and mirrors like Vista and the countless office updates, which never brought anything for the 98% of the users.

    1. I understand what you say but still I don't see that merging happening anytime soon (not even in 2 years). And Microsoft has left all their Windows Phone 7 users without upgrade path to WP8 and that is a big minus. Who wants to buy a phone that will be obsolete whenever a new OS release comes? In that sense Apple did it right.

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