Monday, 21 May 2012

iTranslate Voice for iPhone review

Do you travel often? Do you have to deal with foreign languages all the time? Do you want to say something in another language but you don't even know how it is pronounced? Well, iTranslate by Sonico Mobile does it for you. Let me show you how.

I have used several iPhone apps for translation but none of them has been so fun to use like iTranslate voice. It is as simple as saying what you want and get it translated and even read by the app!

But let's have a look at the user interface. It resembles a lot to Siri so it is really easy and intuitive. To use it just press the "flag" button and say what you want to have translated. After that, and assuming that you have internet connection (mobile data or wifi) the app will recognize your speech and present you with the translation. iTranslate Voice relays on an online service so you need to be connected in order for it to work.

As you can imagine you need to speak loud and clear in order to get an accurate recognition and translation. I have been testing with different languages I am familiar with, and I have got sometimes not so accurate translations, but who hasn't got them with any online service. Any of these tools including iTranslate are not perfect and you have to accept it.

I even found a small bug with Japanese translations when they are longer than one line but I have been told by the developer that it will be corrected on the next version.

A nice feature that does not look so obvious is that if you press in the original text bubble, you can actually type manually what you want to have translated instead of having to "say" it aloud. Also, scroll up to get the history of previous translations.

Most of languages accept both spoken and written translations, but there is a small number of languages that are not recognized by voice. For them the icon changes slightly and the microphone does not appear on the button. This is the case, for instance of Greek or Catalan.

Regarding the options, they are pretty easy: then two languages that you need to translate to/from, if you want to show dictionary results for single words, if you want the software to detect the end of the speech (otherwise you have to press once to start and once to end the speech) and the auto speak (you can disable it if you do not want the translation to be read aloud).

Among the available languages you have all the once below.

As I mentioned previously, few languages do not have speech recognition although they are translated and also spoken, but not recognized from speech. I have to say that I miss one of my daily languages in the app, Finnish. I hope they can add it sometime soon

As a summary here it is what I like and dislike from the app

I like:
  • Easy and nice interface
  • Speech recognition is cool
  • Spoken translation
  • Price (while on sales)

I dislike:
  • Sometimes not very accurate with the recognition nor the translation
  • Internet connection required
  • Not Finnish language

If you think this can be useful for you or you just want to hear how things sound in other languages, I would just go and buy it. It is only 0.99 USD while it is on sales. You can but it from this link.

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  1. This app is so interesting and convenient! I think multilingual support in iOS and MacOS X is much better than that in Windows or Android. That is why I can't live without my iPhone. (*・∀-*)οΎ‰