Saturday, 12 May 2012

iExplorer for iPhone/iPad review

Hi all and welcome back. I have been away for a while but here I am back with a new review. This time I have been testing iExplorer, a very nice tool for file management on the cloud and more for iPhone by Opuis.

Let's have a look to it in detail.

iExplorer allow you to work with quite many online services that you can subscribe for free as well as ftp services and even Windows Network Servers. From the main screen, just press + on the top left corner and choose yours. In my case I have configured (webdav free service), Google Docs and Xtreem (free ftp service).

You also have a Local storage that you can use to transfer files to your device locally, so you can have them always with you even if you do not have access to the internet (like on a plane, for instance).

When you access any of your configure accounts you can browse through your files on that service. The are plenty of file operations you can do with iExplorer. You can either swipe on a file or press edit and select multiple files. Then you can press on the Action button (for a one file operation with swipe gesture) or on the action button (for multiple file operation).

You can open in some specific app, email it, create a folder, etc. Even there is a built-in viewer for pics and text files.

In case of images you can see them as a slideshow, thumbnails, and you can even send them to twitter using the iOS twitter support. For videos you can view then on stream and send them to your Apple TV using AirPlay. 

And for files stored in the local storage or in a FTP service, you can even compress them and create a zip file in your local storage that you can, for example, email later. Also, you can send files stored locally by bluetooth to another iPhone/iPad running iExplorer (or iExplorer HD on iPad).

As a file explorer, you have the option to sort the files by name, size, date and type. Another also nice feature is the search box that allows you to search for a file within the service by name and also by size.

 In case that you choose the option Sync to Local for several files, you can always check the status of the transfer by pressing the center button on the lower bar. It will show the File Queue view . From it you can cancel transfers by using the Edit button.

From the options point of view, you have some general settings and some special for photos and videos.

As a summary, I have to say that iExplorer offers all the options I need to access all my online storages and manipulate my files. I have tried other apps but this one is one of the most complete ones.

And they also have an iPad version with exactly the same features, iExplorer HD.

Here is my Like/Dislike list

  • Support for many services
  • Many file management options
  • Quite fast (thanks to the built in cache)


  • User interface colors are not the nicest. I would have preferred a white background and not so dark lines on the file list view
  • Menu implementation is not very iOS-like
  • No universal app: you will have to buy a separate iPad app called iExplorer HD.
If this is the app you were looking for, do not hesitate and buy it in the AppStore from this link. It is 4.99USD but worth the money. iExplorer HD for iPad can be found from this other link at also 4.99USD.


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