Saturday, 17 March 2012

New Caffeinated Block theme and updates

Caffeinated app seems to be doing very well in the Mac AppStore. To celebrate it here you have an update of my themes Simple, OpenSans, NewsPaper, NewsPaperOne plus a new theme, block. You can download the zip file with all of them from here.

To get the new Block theme visualized on the screenshot you should download and install the following fonts: Entypo from Daniel Bruce, My hands are holding you from Kimberly Geswein and Handvetica by Zetafonts.



  1. Your newest theme block's handwriting notepad on a colkboard looks so lovely! I've been enjoying OpenSans I liked best of the four beautiful themes. I'll try them again, thank you! o(´∇`*)

  2. Thanks Rin for your kind comments. I'm happy you like them :)

  3. Great theme! Have you given any thought on making a dark theme? (Dark background with white text) I've been searching for one for ages but haven't had any luck.