Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Monitor for Facebook review

I wanted to write a few lines about Monitor for Facebook. Some years ago, Facebook itself released a notification system for Mac that worked very well. It was a menubar app that would send a growl notification whenever a new facebook notification or message was arriving. For some strange reason the project was left without any update and the app stopped working after facebook was updated. But a solution is now available.

I had been looking for different solutions for a long time and finally last week I came across with this app, Monitor for Facebook, in the AppStore. Finally an app that does what I want and it does it well. Not much to explain. The app will check every 30sec/1min/5min (user configurable) your facebook account for new notifications and will show a desktop notification for each new notficiation/message/friend request. It will also change the menubar icon color to red in order to notify the user in case you have unread notifications. If you press on the notification itself, you will be taken to the facebook page for that notification (except for messages, that take you to the main facebook page).

The app has an own notification system but if you use growl you can configure it to your like. Options are quite simple: what to monitor (notifications, messages, friend requests), update rate (30sec, 1min, 5min), enable on-screen notifications and sounds, and start at login.

The new version coming up within some days to the AppStore will show contact avatars in the notifications, as I was told by the developer.

I really recommend you this app if you are a facebook fan and want to have notifications right on your desktop.

If you are already convinced, go ahead and buy the app from this link. It is just 0.79€ (0.99$).

UPDATE: Latest version 1.8 includes notification list, status update and drag and drop image publishing!


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