Wednesday, 28 September 2011

OverTheAir iPhone app review

When it comes to online storage solutions, I have been using for a while This Swedish company has been offering for years a free 2GB online storage. What I like the most of this service is that it is fully compatible with webDav network file protocol: it can be easily accessed from both Windows and Mac with the operating system built-in support without the need of any extra software. And what about on your iPhone? That is when OverTheAir from MicaRed comes into the picture.

There are plenty of webDav clients on the AppStore, but what makes this one stand out from the crowd: it is simple and free. Let's have a look.

The initial screen is quite simple: the list of your already configured servers and the option to add a new server. Among the compatible servers there is not only webDav servers, but other services like Dropbox or From the edit button you can delete accounts if needed. And from the settings you can access a quite simple configuration screen where the most interesting feature is to be able to password lock the app.

Now let's get into the file browser. You get the list of folders and files. If you scroll to the top and drag down, you will see a selector to choose the sorting method (name, date, kind) and order (ascending/descending) taping twice.

From the file browser, you can navigate through folders and files. Tapping on a file or folder will open it using the default viewer. In case there is not built-in viewer for the file, a dialog will appear where you can use some special app to open it if needed.

From this viewer screen you can add the file to favorites, check the file information (including file URL that can be easily copied to be shared), view in full screen or choose from other options (Open In..., Print and Send via Email).

The app also supports some basic gestures. If you swipe to the right on top of a file, you will access a small menu where you can set a file as favorite, check the information for that file, or close the menu. I miss here an option to delete the file.

Favorite items can be kept on the device for offline viewing. Favorites view has a very useful synching feature: you can sync your favorite files with the versions on the server to make sure you have in your device the latest versions.

The history simply shows the files that you have been viewing recently. You can easily delete the history from the Edit button. This will only delete the history entry, no the file itself.

What about uploading files from your device to the server. The uploading options are only available for pictures. You can upload them to the server from your gallery (Choose Existing) or from the camera (New Photo) by tapping on the camera button. It is really easy and fast and it will use a default name based on date and time when the picture was taken. When uploading, you can select the quality as well. 

These are all the features that you will find in this nice little app.

What I like:
  • Simple
  • Free
  • Quick
  • Universal app available for both iPhone and iPad

What I dislike
  • Electric blue from the start screen
  • No option to delete remote files
  • Mass operations (mass upload for instance)
As a summary, this is a great app for its price (free). So go now to the AppStore from here, download it and give it a try.


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