Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Week Cal app for iPhone 4.0 update

This is a small update of my already published review of Week Cal app for iPhone that I did sometime ago. New version 4.0 has brought many improvements, among them, a new mini month and agenda views, support for emoji icons per appointment, better search, batch operations, etc. For more details, check their web page here.

You haven't bought the app yet? What are you waiting for ;-). Here it is the link to the App Store. They will be the best dollars/euros you have ever invested in an app.

I leave you here with some screenshots I took from my iPhone. These guys from UtiliTap know how to make the most of a calendar app at a fantastic price tag. And I am sure they are working to improve the app for the next version as we speak :-)


  1. Hi! Could you tell me what views are still there after the 4.0.1 update that Apple forced?

  2. Hi, the only views gone are: the month view that looks like the iPhone built in calendar and the day view. However, the day view can still be access by double-tap in the week view. For me is not a big change as I use the mini-month view but not the regular month view.