Saturday, 27 August 2011

nomadicCal calendar app for iPhone review

Here I am again in the curse of the perfect calendar app. This time, and thanks to @iphonecalendar twitter user and his blog I discovered nomadicCal by NomadicTime.

Have you ever been using Palm webOS calendar app? If so, this new calendar app gets some good ideas from it and applies it to iPhone. But let's have a look in more detail.

First of all, nomadicCal uses the iPhone build-in calendar database, so basically you do not need to configure much. Just launch it and all your calendars will be there.

The main view that the app starts on is the month view. This view shows you all your appointments (no starting or end time, just the appointment subject). Text is colored based on the calendar color assigned by default. You can anyway change the color if you want from the settings (we will see later). All day events are inverted colored.

A small detail in the user interface is the rounded corners and the round icons in the menu bar. The guys from nomadicTime wanted to give the app a soft appearance resembling to webOS. It is kind of nice, although I would like more to see the corners squared.

The bottom bar is quite simple: full circle for the on day view, followed by the week and month view buttons. Then the clock for the Go To option, the search and finally the options. If you change the view you will have a nice animation where the calendar seems to fold.

Let's have now a look at the other views.

The day view reminds me to the webOS calendar app. You cans see the empty time with no appointments compressed like and accordion. If you tap on it, it will expand and create a new event in between. Next to the event subject you can see an small icon indicating if this is a repeating event, if it contains notes and if it is a timed event.

From this view you can create events by pressing the desire starting time. A create event window will rise up and you can enter the event details. Next to subject and location you can see a small icon that brings you the history of the last subjects  or locations recently used. This is very convenient if you have to enter events with similar subjects and locations.

You can also edit an event just tapping on the event subject. The event can be then modified or deleted.

The week view is a 7-day split (Saturday and Sunday). This is my favorite format for a week view. It has also a very discrete week number indicator on the top. Today's day is highlighted in yellow. If you press on any day the day view will be opened with a nice animation effect.

Besides these three views, we have the Go To and the Search views. They are quite simple and they do not need much explanation as you can see:

From the settings point of view the app is very simple. It allows you to show or hide calendars, define the calendar where appointments will be created by default, and also set holiday calendars that will make the days show in red indicating it as public holiday. For each calendar you can also change the color with another of the preset colors (you cannot use any other color than the ones already predefined).

Overall the app is very fast and it quickly loads the views. However I miss some more options. Here it is what I like and what I dislike:


  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Support for both portrait and landscape mode in all views


  • Not many options to change fonts and colors
  • Rounded corners (I would like more the sharp angles)
  • Accordion effect should also be used for events that last many hours, not only for empty spaces
  • Price (5€), perhaps too expensive for the features the app delivers

If you like what you see, click here to go to the AppStore and buy it right away.



  1. As for me I prefere the build in Calendar app. Because it's stylish, have normal variety of features (not mach nor little) and because it's from Apple.
    Talking about your review you made the great job! Thanks! And am waiting for the next your posts here.