Saturday, 4 June 2011

Kurumaki Calendar app for iPhone

Here I am today presenting you another calendar application for the iPhone. Kurumaki Calendar from Littlen Star Inc.


This calendar application is based on a patented paper calendar system called "KURUMAKI Calendar".  Like the meaning of the Japanese "KURUMA KI" (くるまき), the idea is that you can roll (KURUMA) through a view (KI) of weeks like if the whole year would be a roll of paper. The visible area is always 6 weeks. You can scroll up or down through the year and you always have six weeks visible, not like many other apps that only allow you to scroll month by month.

The application is quite simple and has one main view where you can see in the lower part the six weeks while in the upper part you find the details of the selected day. In the left side you have information about the current selected day as well as the current months being shown. And in the upper right side you find the + button to add events, the configuration button and the Today to get to today's date. You can easily scroll through weeks in the lower part and in the upper part you can scroll through the events of the selected day.

In the week view you can see a summary of the events for each day. In case that all events cannot be shown in the small box, you will see and indicator with the number of events not visible.

From the settings point of view, they are also easy and simple. You can select the visible calendars, set the week start day and show the data loaded by default.

In case of the option to select visible calendars, you can also configure the default calendar as well as the color for each calendar if you do not like the default one.

Adding events is easy. You can customize the color of each event with a personalized color. By default it will use the predefined calendar color.

Kurumaki Cal saves the history of the last events, so if you enter very often the same kind of subject, you can retrieve it easily so you do not need to retype it again. Very convenient.

If you select an event in the day view, you can Delete, Copy or Edit it from the Action button.

Kurumaki Calendar is a really easy and simple way to manage your weeks. If you do not need a calendar app full of options and you just want something easy to handle and operate, I would recommend it. However, if you need to have different views, you like to customize fonts, sizes, etc. then this is not what you will find here.

If you think this calendar app is right for you, please go and grab it at the itunes store.


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