Sunday, 8 January 2012

Simple theme for Caffeinated app updated

You might have heard about Caffeinated app. It is an amazing rss reader under development. You can follow more about the development on twitter @caffeinatedapp or at GeekyGoodness site.

I am right now working on a theme. Themes will be officially supported at some point, although right now the installation is not a trivial task. My theme is called simple and you can download it here.

Update: with the last Caffeinated update, Simple theme is working again! Download it at

This should be the definite version of Caffeinated so theme definitions should not change again. It should be installed by double clicking on it. If not, just place the theme file into ~/Library/Application Support/Caffeinated/Themes directory

In order to install it follow these steps:

1. Copy the uncompressed simple.caftheme folder to ~/Library/Application Support/Caffeinated/Themes
2. Edit the plist file ~/Library/Preferences/com.geekygoodness.caffeinated.plist entry WekKitCurrentTheme and change value to
3. Save and restart Caffeinated app.

Please feel free to send me your comments about it.

1 comment:

  1. Sees like the theme is again broken. I will not keep updating it until the theme api is stable as suggested by the developer