Saturday, 30 April 2011

Week Calendar iPhone app review

Week Calendar for iPhone is another of my favorite calendar applications in town. In this short review I will tell you what I like and what I don’t. Here we go.


First of all, and the main reason why I ended up using this app is because of the amazing week view (obviously the main use of Week calendar must be the week view). The developer has captured the essence of the Mac iCal week view and has adapted perfectly to the iPhone screen. It is a piece of art I must say. Whenever you touch one appointment, a pop up window will appear with the details. You can easily press the arrow sign and edit the details. It is also possible to keep pressed one event and then just drag it to another time or day, very similar to the way you move apps in the iPhone home screen. And you can add easily a new appointment by holding your finger in the desire day and time, and a small menu will pop up to add a new entry. This view uses to the max all the potential of the iPhone touch screen to easily create, move, copy, paste, share, etc. appointments. Even Apple could have not done it better I must say.


As new releases of the app have come, the features have been increasing adding new views. In the last iteration of Week Calendar you can find a year, month, agenda, list and search, week and day views. And all of them inherit many of the features of the week view. 

The agenda view, for instance, allows you to see the typical 7-day view that you might find in Outlook or even in your filofax paper agenda.


The year view it is an amazing. In such a small screen you can have a perfect overview of the whole year and by tapping in one of the dates, the nice pop up window will appear showing you the appointments for that day.


Month, day and list views are quite similar to the build in iPhone Calendar application, but they give you more information and they allow you to use all the gestures and view and edit options like




It also has a very nice feature if you use the Contacts built-in Birthday calendar. It allows you to set up an alarm for the events on this calendar, so you will never miss a birthday again.

What I dislike from the app: almost nothing. Maybe I would like to see the indicator for events in the year view with a different font color rather than the small dot used right now, and it would be nice to add an emoticon or special character to identify each calendar. But these are minor things and I am sure if they are suggested to the developers they will probably add the features. I have been in contact with them and they are really nice and responsive.

So all and all I would highly recommend this app to everyone out there that needs something more than the build it calendar, and with a great price tag.

For more information go to the itunes Week Calendar app page:



  1. You should also mention one of this apps most useful features: You can switch from any view to a different view just be turning the iPhone to horizontal. In settings, you decide what view will be shown in horizontal for each vertical view. For example, when I am in Week view, turning the iPhone to horizontal will immediately change the view to List & Search. My Agenda view immediately turns into Day view when I turn the iPhone. Etc.

  2. Thanks! I miss it that part. I have configured so that from the Agenda view in portrait it changes to week view in horizontal for instance.