Saturday, 30 April 2011

SmartCalendar iPhone app review

Here I am again reviewing a new iPhone calendar app. Now the turn is for SmartCalendar by Korean developer Minuk Apps.




This app synchronize with the iOS build in calendars. It has two main views, a month and a week view and it offers a lot of customization options plus a list view.

A peculiar thing in this app is that you can treat events as tasks marking them as completed in the list view.

Here are the month and week views:




Both views include always a text description of the events. In the month view, for events that spread over several days, you can choose to show a thin arrow that goes over all of the appointment covered, in a really nice way.

Whenever you select a day in the month, a nice pop up screen will appear with a detailed view of the day and other useful information like week view, date, and interestingly, a counter with the days to that date from today.



Also, you can select if you want the detail view attached to the lower part of the screen instead of a floating screen by pressing the small inverted triangle indicator.



In both month and week view you can change the view to see the holidays. These holidays come from a previously selected calendar from your iPhone (for instance, your local holiday calendar)

Also from the month view, and by double-tapping in a day, you can open the day detail view. I somehow do not like how this day view has been implemented. Have a look:



In the list view you can mark events as completed, treating events as tasks. This can be useful if you do not use any other task management app.



All views offer an alternative view when you rotate your device as you can see below. Specially the week view becomes a nice time based view.



Whenever you want to add an event from any of the views, you are asked to use the build in iOS event creation window or the one from SmartCalendar. In case you choose the last one, you can assign a color per appointment.



And a final comment, the app allows a lot of customization, from the color of the calendar, to the week numbering, and it even offers 4 different themes for the app look.



As a summary, I find this app really nice for those who like detailed month views. Also in case that you want to use your build in iOS calendar as a task list. And you can get this all for 1.59€ at the iTunes App store.

You can also follow the developer on twitter at @SCalDeveloper.


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