Saturday, 30 April 2011

My interest in mobile tech and calendar apps

I have to make a confession to you. I am obsessed with calendar and to do/task apps. On my iPhone, on my Mac, on my Windows PC. Why is this? Let’s see if I manage to explain it.

Since I was a teenager I was carrying always with me a filofax-type of paper calendar. I was writing appointments, things to remember, friend’s phone numbers and addresses.
But everything changed in 1995 when I saw for the first time the OmniGo 100.

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I fell in love when I saw it for the first time announced. I started to save money to buy one and finally I managed. This was my first mobile device ever. You can see more details here:

After that came a Handheld size-PC by Compaq. I had to buy it second hand from USA as it was not distributed in Spain.




Then came a Handheld-PC by Everex:



If I compare these handheld PCs with what we have nowadays, I have to say that the screen was quite bad. But I really enjoyed it. I started to get interested in calendar apps as the one built in was not the best. I found a really nice Japanese app very similar to the actual Saisuke iPhone app ( I am not sure if it was the same guys doing the Windows CE version.

After this came a Palm V:




This was amazing device. So small and with nice battery life. The built-in calendar app was quite good. It had also a nice Note and Task apps.

After the Palm V came a Cassiopeia, HP, Sony, Sony Clie, etc... I guess around 15 different devices that I have been buying and selling throughout the last 15 years. Black and white, colour, with QWERTY keyboard, with PCMCIA card, etc... I cannot even remember how many.
Where am I now? Well, right now I own and iPhone 4 and a MacBoo Air 11 inch model after I have owned also an iPad, last year.

And one of my main uses for these mobile devices is to keep all my calendar, tasks and notes with me at all times. That is why I am so much into Calendar, Task and these kind of apps.

I will be trying to review every now and then apps that I buy and try, so stay tuned ;-)


P.S. I found this nice link with more information about HPC devices:

Have a look :-)


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