Saturday, 30 April 2011

MetaClock iPhone app review

Do you have your iPhone usually docked at your office or at home? Do you want an app that always tells you what is coming next in your agenda? Then MetaClock by Meta-Glamour is what you are looking for. And here it is my review.

Whenever you start MetaClock you will be presented with a nice analog clock. But this is not just a clock. First of all, you will see around the minute and hour markers some red marks. These are you appointments in your calendar, so you can see when you are busy next. And yes, it uses the iOS Calendar app calendars. All day events are shown as a circle in the center of the clock. Very clever design. Also, the markers for the events become thinner as the event is further away in time. And events that are happening after more than 5 hours are shown in white color.



What else you can do? From the main clock view, Swipe the clock up and you will see under the clock the list of events for today. Swipe it down to go back to the full screen clock.



Back in the main clock view again, swipe the clock down to access the count down view. You will see the list of today's events in your calendar. Select one and you will get a count down till the appointment start time. Useful if you want to see how much time you have left. Swipe it up to go back to the full screen clock again.



By pressing just once on top of the clock, you can easily access the settings and add event buttons. On the upper right corner the setting button appear. On the left side the add event one. The screen to add events is the standard iOS one, so you should be familiar with it.



About the options, you can

  • set MetaClock to be always on, by not activating the block screen as long as the app is running,
  • select which calendars to show,
  • display hour marker,
  • display the date number,
  • display the day of the week,
  • remove the second marker if you find it annoying moving all the time,
  • display all day events,
  • change the hour, minute and second markers for dots
  • customize the color for the appointments and the hour and minute markers,



All and all it is a great way to use your iPhone as a nice desk clock whenever it is connected to your dock. The app is quite simple but useful at the same time and it uses very cleverly all the iPhone swipe gestures to reduce the user interface elements.

Do not hesitate to visit their web site where there is a video explaining how to operate the app.

You can get MetaClock from this itunes store link.




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