Saturday, 30 April 2011

eTask iPhone app review

Another of my interests are task and to do applications for iPhone. I think I have tried dozens of them, but my favorite one is eTask by DFAworks and I will explain you here why.



I use at work Outlook and at home iCal. I keep in my work computer Outlook all tasks related with work and in my home computer iCal all my private tasks. So at work I sync the tasks using Chromatic Dragon’s ToodledoSync application. That means that I have also online access to my work tasks with Toodledo online service.

At home I use iCal CalDav access to Yahoo! Calendar (one of the only free CalDav service that supports tasks) where I keep all my personal tasks. They are online accessible using Yahoo! Calendar online service

So how do I bring all together in my iPhone? That’s where eTask comes into play. This task handling app allows to access several task services simultaneously, in my case Toodledo and Yahoo! Calendar. So in eTask I have combined both my work (from Outlook) tasks and my private (from iCal) tasks, all in one program. You can also assign colors to each calendar to easily differentiate them.




From eTask I can view, create, delete and modify tasks from both services, so everything will be in sync. Another very nice feature is that I can see all the tasks (from different sources) combined in one list. Really convenient!





eTask supports local notifications and also alarm synchronization with both Toodledo and Yahoo! Calendar tasks.

Another nice feature is the support of categories. I sync my Outlook categories as contexts to Toodledo, and eTask syncs this as categories from Toodledo. Then in eTask I can assign different colors to the categories, making it easy to identify.

And from this week’s new release, it also supports recurrent tasks.

What I don’t like: maybe the user interface is not the nicest one although Dean, the developer, has been making really nice changes in this last release and he mentioned he is working on it.

All and all, one of the best and more useful task app for the ones handling different sources.




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