Saturday, 30 April 2011

Callist iPhone app review

One of my hobbies/obsessions are calendar and to do list apps on the iPhone. I think I’ve been buying quite many of them. I will start to cover some of them here.
My first review is for Callist app.



I am not sure if this app has got very visible in the App store, but I think it is worth having a look. The most interesting part of the app is the week view. It shows in the upper part a small summary of the whole week using bars and a small month calendar to know where you are. And in the main area you can see the list of appointments:


Another of the of the cool features is the event creation window. It is designed to make the creation of an event really easy and fast. The only thing is that if you need to create recurrent task, you need to use the standard iOS event creation window.


The month view shows a small summary for each day with a time line.


And finally a year view that shows in red the days that have any event.


You can easily navigate through the years and then tab on the month to change to month view. From month view, select the week number to change to the week view or select a day to change to the day view.

In general, I find it very useful. I like specially the week view with the small summary on the top. 

Update: New version 1.2 is available in the iTunes store. It includes templates and event preview in the month and year view, among the new features. Make sure you go and download it.

Here is the link to the itunes store if you want to buy it.


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